Vocatium Regensburg

   Donauarena Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

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About Vocatium Regensburg

Vocatium Regensburg is going to be organized at Donauarena Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany from 18 Jul 2017 to 19 Jul 2017. This Trade Show is going to be a 2 day event.

Vocatium Regensburg is going to have renowned people of this field including expert academicians who will be sharing their own secrets and experiences of their lives. The visitors will be benefitted by the information provided to them by the experts.

Vocatium Regensburg fair is going to be a learning experience for the children. The expert advice of the consultants and management trainees will provide the student with better pathways. The students will learn with lots of entertainment. The fair will also have intensive consultants.

Vocatium Regensburg July 2017 Highlights

Event Vocatium Regensburg
Type Trade Show
Start Date 18 July 2017
End Date 19 July 2017
Venue Donauarena Regensburg
City Regensburg
Country Germany
Organizer IFT Institute for Talent Development GmbH
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Vocatium Regensburg Location

Donauarena Regensburg

  Walhalla-Allee 22, 93059