Privacy Policy

Welcome to Expohour – an event listing platform. These Terms are mentioned here to make you know about your rights to use (referred as ‘site’ further on) – the desktop or mobile site or any information provided by Expohour through any digital media like newsletters, mailers, sms, notifications, advertisements etc. The site to be accessed by users at their own risk and expohour does not hold any responsibility towards any business entity or individual. Site is simply an event directory helping users know the latest events happening across the globe.

Once you start using or accessing the information on the platforms of the site, site will treat as in the user has agreed to these terms and conditions and do not hold any responsibility towards the users. Users are requested to verify the event details before visiting any event and the exhibitors and organizers to note that site is just a listing platform and do not make any money from users on their name. The information users provide on the site, Expohour has full right to use them in any form of media online or offline or share it with other entities.