Biosimilars Congregation Conference is going to be organised at Venue to be announced,Chennai,India on 07 Sep 2017. This Conferences is going to be a 1 day event. It will attract exhibitors and visitors from Business Services Industry.

Organized by Virtue Insight The Biosimilars Congregation Conference will be held in Mumbai, India.The conference will cater different strategies of development and commercialization to further gain a highly competitive advantage. Also, calculating probable revenue streams via biosimilar production.

The Conference will also cover various domains like the planning of commercial activity, PnL derivation from biosimilar products etc. The conference program comprises of top-notch keynote addresses, presentations of the case study as well as panel discussions.

Benefits of attending the meeting:

  • Meet your associates in an interactive, discussion-based arrangement
    designed to maximize networking and knowledge transfer.
  • Enjoy our informal networking at lunch and drinks
  • Meet the chief solution providers in the industry to discover
    solutions and forge partnerships
  • Obtain electronic versions of the conference documentation
    for post-event reference.

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