Accounting & Financial Reporting Symposium

19 2020 - 30 Nov -0001 (Event Over - New Dates Awaited)

McCallum Park, Las Vegas, USA

Due to current travel limitations and health issues rising in this region, we request our users to kindly connect with the Event Organizers before visiting the event.

Accounting & Financial Reporting Symposium is going to be organised at McCallum Park, Perth from 19 Nov 2020 to 30 Nov -0001 This expo is going to be a -738143 day event. This event forays into categories like Business Services.

The event focused on the private and public sectors. If you need perfect explanation on the same you invited to join the conference. You can deal with the different kind of financial aspects that are new nowadays. The new kind of financial policies that impact on the regular work of clients, the past sessions will discuss on the advantage of the system. The expert from executive industry, accounting and its different aspects. Still there are few things that unknown to you can be discussed with them.

The guidance related to the FEC and FASB and recent adaptation in their policies are the main topic to discuss. While the representative will discuss you on some of the leadership issues related to the recent technical adaptation. They are required in the recent adaptation in the environment. At the end practitioner are able to discuss on the issues related to the responsibilities of near term and area of far term reporting. So, you are invited to join the discussion.

Accounting & Financial Reporting Symposium November 2020 Highlights

Event Accounting & Financial Reporting Symposium
Type Conference
Start Date 19 November 2020
End Date 30 November -0001
Venue McCallum Park
City Las Vegas
Country USA
Organizer KPMG
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Accounting & Financial Reporting Symposium Location

McCallum Park

Garland St, Victoria Park WA 6100


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