Workday Rising 2018

  01 - 04 Oct 2018


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Where is Workday Rising 2018? Find Workday Rising 2018 Location, Dates and Schedule. Get Info about Workday Rising Las Vegas, Orlando 2018, exhibitor list, registration fee and cost details.

Workday Rising 2018

Workday is an organisation founded in the year 2005 that provides cloud-based applications for HR and financial management. Workday is one of the leading SaaS provider which offers products in Financial Management, Performance Management, Human Capital and Cloud Platforms. Fortune also names Workday among 100 top companies to work for. Workday was ranked no 7. Their idea to put people at the centre of enterprise software disrupted the entire industry and they now have a customer list ranging from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises. Ten years ago, Workday held its first conference known as Workday Rising in Chicago. Since its inception, Workday Rising has been growing exponentially and now pulls in a crowd of over thousands annually.

Where is Workday Rising 2018

Workday Rising Conference will be held at Las Vegas Convention Center located in Las Vegas, US. For professionals, this is a great way to get a headstart over your fellow employees. You will be the first person to learn about the capabilities of the latest products on display. All your queries regarding the product will be answered by their product experts. You can share your own ideas during the brainstorming sessions held with other attendees. Most importantly, you will be rubbing shoulders with executives and directors of various other organisations, so this is a great way to network and build your career.

Workday Rising 2018 Dates

Workday Rising dates are: 1st October to 4th October 2018. The last edition of Workday Conference saw over 9,000 visitors among which some were customers, some partners, influencers and lastly consumers. In the last edition of Workday Conference, there is news about Workday starting a new open website for sharing information and third party APIs.

Workday Rising 2018 Location - Las Vegas, US

Las Vegas Convention Centre, aslo referred as LVCC is located at Paradise Road in Las Vegas. It is the lsrgest convention centers in the world. On 15 November, in its press release, Workday has introduced Personalization approach to deliver better user experience. As per the release, users would be able to perform tasks across the Workdays applications and its third party applications without even accessing to the HR portal or spending time on logging ticket or calling support staff. This enhanced feature will be built in Workday Human Capital Management, popularly known as HCM.

Workday Rising Agenda

Visitors can make connections, learn how to overcome business issues, discuss ideas and new areas of innovation with industry leaders through Workday Altitude Conference. Accenture, Deloitte and IBM are main sponsors of this event. Visitors from Communications, Energy & Resources, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Technology, Manufacturing and Life Sciences industries are going to attend the event. The event focuses on how to improve Business Efficiency through Human Capital and Financial Management. Workday Rising Dates have already started from July onwards but enquiries for registration is still in high demand.

Workday Rising Contact Details

  • Kate Falcone: Phone: +44 (0)7966975966 | Email:
  • Jeff Shadid: Phone: +1 (405) 834-7777 | Email:
  • 866-254-9187 (Toll Free) | +1-650-416-8874 (International)

Workday Rising schedule

We shall update the schedule once the company comes out with further details. By registering for Workday Rising US, you can get to know how to overcome Business Challenges and know what industry is innovating by generating new ideas.

Workday Rising 2018 Registration Cost

Workday Rising is a conference that you have to pay to attend. The cost of attending depends when you register. The registrations shall open on 26th June. If you register as early bird till 7th August, the cost is USD 1,495. Post 7th August to 4th October, cost is USD 1,795. These rates are for full conference. Similarly for pre conference training cost us USD 450 and enablement workshop is USD 900. The main sponsors of Workday Rising are IBM, Deloitte and Accenture. The event attracts attendees of all career levels such as professionals and managers in finance, HR and IT, as well as CFOs, CHROs, CIOs and CEOs. Last year, Workday introduced BrainDate. BrainDate is an experience aimed at creating a peer-to-peer learning and networking experience. You will be able to request meetings with customers who share your interests or can offer their expertise in a particular area.The organisers spend a lot of time thinking about creating value for their attendees and a few reasons as to why you should attend are mentioned below.

Top Reasons to Attend Workday Rising Conference

The reason why so many executives attend this conference every year is because they can listen to future business ventures from think tanks of various industries. You learn how to equip your organisation with the latest technological advancements to help you make better decisions and propel your companys growth forwards, sustainably. You can connect and network with your executive peers.

As directors of your respective organisations, you will always want to keep your organisation ahead of your competition. Attending this conference is a great way to understand how the products on sale can roadmap and identify solutions to support your business strategies. You can also network and connect with the community of customers, executives and product experts attending the conference. Every year, Workday announces updates to the services they offer. Their current roster of services includes financial management, financial performance management, human capital management, prism analytics, professional services automation and student. These services provide solutions for organisations in the communications, government, healthcare, higher education and many other industries. They provide DaaS(Data-as-a-Service) for medium and large enterprises by providing real-time data and analytics which help organisations to make faster and smarter decisions. A few prominent names that use their services are Hewlett Packard(HP), Netflix and AON.

Tips to know before attending Workday Rising Event

A few tips to follow while attending a Workday Rising conference is to reach out and fully participate. You have to be intentional with your interactions and must be prepared to share the challenges you have faced and overcome. It will be useful for you to use a note taking app or programme during the conference. If you have multiple people going out together representing the same company, it is important to spread your coverage out. At the end of the day, it is important to gather the team and debrief. With more people, you have to plan strategically to get the most out of Workday Rising. Do check out the Workday Rising schedule and agenda to decide what sessions and networking events are most relevant and of interest to you.

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Why Visit

For Executives
- Get latest updates of how other senior level managers are bringing change in your related industry.
- Meet people from your network which can help you with latest solutions.
- See and develop a roadmap for your professional growth.

For Directors
- Connect with community of customers to consumers.
- Find out partners which can help you scale up your projects.
- Get to know from world class leaders for further growth in your role.

For Professionals
- Get latest updates about technological capabilities.
- Sharpen your skills which will help you in your profile.
- Get feedback from other network specialists.

Workday Rising October 2018 Highlights

Event Workday Rising
Type Conference
Start Date 01 October 2018
End Date 04 October 2018
City Las Vegas
Country USA
Organizer Workday, Inc.
Number of Visitors 8,600
Official Website Workday Rising
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Workday Rising Location


  3150 Paradise Rd


Workday, Inc.

6230 Stoneridge Mall Rd
Pleasanton| USA

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