Cellulosomes, Cellulases & Other Carbohydrate Modifying Enzymesu is going to be organised at Proctor Academy,Andover,Usa from 23 Jul 2017 to 28 Jul 2017. This Conference is going to be a 6 day event. It will attract exhibitors and visitors from Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry.

While the conference welcomes numerous participants from government and academia agencies, industry colleagues have also made various valuable and important contributions towards the triumph of all the conferences.

The conference offers an inspiring environment for conversation between all scientists by the means of an energetic social program, as well as the provision for comprehensive discussion sessions in afternoon. This formulates the conference in an absolutely productive and interactive site for all sectors involved in the applied and fundamental aspects of the degradation of a plant cell wall.

Areas covered in the conference:

  • Biochemical and Crystallographic analyses of structure of enzyme and function; molecular mechanisms underpinning enzyme catalysis
  • Specificity and processivity; directed evolution for the development of catalytically superior glycoside
  • Hydrolases; genomics of specialist polysaccharide degrading microbes.

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